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Subject£ºproject:Green Flag Award in Abu Dhabi parks and open spaces management , UAE
Nane£ºEng.Salama Saeed Salem Al-Ketbi
phone number£º00971509911969

Abu Dhabi enjoys unique parks and open spaces, which enrich all of our lives and make Abu Dhabi a better place to live, visit, and work. From major and local events, casual and competitive sports, reflection and contemplation, through to outdoor play spaces for children, we know that Garden and open spaces are necessities in the modern world.
Abu Dhabi parks and open spaces have experienced a renaissance in recent years, and we have seen our many active Garden groups rise, including exploring new models in how to manage and maintain them. We now have 20 Green Flag Award winning Garden, the highest number we¡¯ve ever had.
To ensure they meet our customer¡¯s needs, Abu Dhabi parks and open spaces are managed to Green Flag Award standard, using a rigorous set of criteria such as being welcoming, healthy, safe and secure, clean and well maintained, sustainable, respecting wildlife and heritage, community involvement, well marketed and good management. We aim to have all of Abu Dhabi parks and open spaces to fly a Green Flag. In addition, through our operation and maintenance service, we now have the capacity and flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to ensure our open spaces remain at that standard throughout the year.
We also have a park development Plan which sets out a framework to help everyone see what the priorities are for improving our Garden and other open spaces. It provides the evidence and rationale for investing in green spaces and underpins the thinking behind future improvement. This represents the biggest investment we have ever made in our open spaces; our Friends groups and the wider community have shown us time and again the value of our open spaces, and this is a demonstration of our commitment and a response to their efforts.
Yet while we have a vital role in delivering better open spaces, we cannot do it alone. This management plan is a story of partnerships where Abu Dhabi Municipality, local and residential people are working together to help shape and deliver standards and improvement in this particular site. The impact our residents have had on the design and implementation of improvements across each park and open spaces cannot be understated. This plan shows what really matters to the many people that use this site. Working together, we hope this plan continues to act as the catalyst for stronger coordination to enhance its future and that of all of Abu Dhabi Garden and open spaces.
The scheme has now been adopted as part of ADM¡¯s business practices where through the construction of new parks or rehabilitation of existing parks, design briefs include the caveat of ensuring the project participants are designing a facility that would meet Green Flag standards, enabling future applications for a green flag award.


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