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Subject£ºStories of my place, Slovenia
Nane£ºVeronika Rijavec Pobežin
phone number£º+386 1 308 51 00

About library
Ljubljana City Library (LCL) is a capital-city library and the largest Slovenian public library. It forms a cultural, informational, educational, social and communicational junction for individuals, groups, cultural institutions and organizations of the local community. To the inhabitants of Ljubljana and its surroundings, the LCL constitutes an active third place. With the network of five district libraries and 20 branch libraries that cover the area of the City of Ljubljana (294.464 inhabitants), and through 15 branch libraries in the area of eight other local authorities - contracting partner municipalities (58.807 inhabitants), the LCL is the most networked cultural institution of Ljubljana.

Ljubljana City Library, Kersnikova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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