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Subject£ºŁ¨®dź (Lodz), Poland
Nane£ºMr Tomasz Bużałek
phone number£º+486384100

Ł¨®dź grew in 19th century as a city of textile industry. Nowadays it is broadly known as a human-oriented revitalization leader. Historical factories, villas and houses have been preserved and transformed into modern offices and flats or they host different social services: from kindergartens to day care homes for the elderly, from libraries to sport facilities. Thanks to the new strategy the city makes another step ahead to become a co-created city. The city, where everyone can join and build the future together.
Inhabitants, companies, city officers already co-work to make the city a better and greener place to live. Many new elements of urban greenery have been planted in cooperation with local citizens and companies. Some ideas for sustainable transport like integrated junctions, calmed traffic streets or bicycle infrastructure was worked out together with local NGOs. The participatory budget, that we have been developing for years, provides the city with great projects and ideas. All that makes the revitalization a complete and successful process instead of being just the city buildings refurbishment.
Ł¨®dź builds resilient and strong community basing on social economy and local resources.

Urząd Miasta Łodzi
ul. Piotrkowska 104


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