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Subject£ºSustainable revitalization of Ljubljana tailored to people: expansion and up-scaling of the central pedestrian zone , Slovenia
Nane£ºVita Kontić Bezjak
phone number£º00 386 1 306 1786

Ljubljana is the political and cultural heart of the Slovenian nation. It is an important European commercial, business, exhibition and congressional centre as well as the transport, science and education centre of Slovenia.
As its inhabitants and numerous visitors will tell you, Ljubljana is, indeed, a people-friendly city. Categorised as a medium-sized European city, it offers everything a metropolis does yet preserves its small-town friendliness.
It has been selected the best among the 20 European Green Capitals and the European Best Destination 2022.
Creation of an ecological zone in the city centre was one of the strongest chapters of Ljubljana in its dedication to improve the quality of life. Ljubljana has changed into a green city accessible to all. Following the Vision Ljubljana 2025, the establishment of the eco-zone started in 2007 with the introduction of a new traffic regime and a refurbishment of the public space, which is closed to all motorized vehicles. Pedestrian and cyclist-friendly area now covers approximately 170,000 m2. We keep receiving positive responses for a comprehensive renovation of the area, which now ¨C instead of cars ¨C offers a pleasant public space for various events and activities, everyday socialising and local economy development. Therefore, we decided to keep expanding the ecological/pedestrian zone to the East and revitalize public space to offer more quality content to residents and visitors of all generations.


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